30 January 2009

Everything is going fine!<3 Just to let you know all!
I have lost 6.61 Ibs/3 kg since I started my journey<3

17 January 2009

This is what I had for breakfast today<3 Poached egg and avocado with chive. Also I poured some soysauce on the avocado.

Super Yummy!

15 January 2009


My tummy feels better and better and also I have lost 1.1 lbs<3 It's rare to see my family eating only vegetarian meals. We made a deal with dad that he can eat red meat 1-2 times a week , me and mom stick to veggie/fish only meals for now.

I had to tho buy a veggiepizza over at Ikea today(I didn't eat before I left my home)... now I feel so ill uuugh... Ikea foods makes me always ill :/

13 January 2009

new day

I have lost...3.3 lbs!

I am bit happy.. my family decided to join my journey to lose weight! But... I wonder ...how long it will last...

6 January 2009

new start

My day started with scrambled white-eggs.. tell you the truth it tastes very different! I think I'll include next time one whole egg and rest just egg-whites.

I need to learn to get up earlier and take a walk before breakfast... and HAVE actual breakfast. Getting up 11:30 am is more ...brunch *laughs*