16 December 2008

face the truth

I just gotta face it.. I failed totally.. Mom is right, during winter is hard to lose weight.. at least I lost a tiny bit. 2009 will be new fresh start! It's better to start over than quit and cry in a corner...

BUT.. I got bit desperate and decided to go through this 5 days DIET ... OH BOY such mistake... I can eat every bit of it.. except for the dinner part.. oh god...

The pasta tastes soooo awful!! During first day I thought I was going to vomit it out...but next day it was pasta again but different flavor. I hope it would taste better... I was very, very wrong.......... OTL just 2 more days.

I learned a lot during these weeks.... I should plan ahead everything

1 comment:

rnn said...

Don't give up Aggi!

And oh man, I hate that special diet food. It's not like you could eat that for the rest of your life, so why bother.

Just keep yourself occupied with other things you enjoy:) The point is not to think about food so much and when your next meal is going to be.