4 November 2008

Day something

I had to find a new place... since my last diary got spammed.. TT__TT

anyways, my day plan:

breakfast: Oatmeal with low-calorie applesauce with cinnamon(very YUMMY!) around 125 calories alltogether

First time I had home-made oatmeal...

Lunch: not planned

dinner: mexican chili lasagna LINK
(probably a lot of calories... but I have chili con carne from yesterday that I need to waste, but as long as I only have one portion I will be fine!)

in-between-snacks: fruit and rosehip soup


Kim Roberts said...

That oatmeal sounds really tasty
* A *

rnn said...

This sounds great. And chili is actually very good for you when in moderation. Protein and fiber (assuming it's a bean chili).

Good luck!