18 November 2008

it's hard...

I'll be happy if I just manage to go for 69kg.. it's so hard to lose weight at home I noticed...

The time I was living on my own I always managed to lose some weight but now... I have to feed two more people and it's different... ...I wish .. they gave me more support...

12 November 2008


lost a tiny bit of weight.. always something! But I'm keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong... well there is one thing. Instead of breakfast I keep having "brunch" ...I can't seem to get up and it,s been like that few times now.

I'll try to get up 9 am tomorrow... waking up 11-12 is pretty much the end :/

time for brunch...

6 November 2008

ah, lost just a tiny bit of weight this week.. OTL

breakfast: fried egg on whole-wheat bread with salad (200 kcals)

lunch: oatmeal (120)


OTL; one step at a time.. you can do it

5 November 2008

day something

breakfast: Oatmeal with low-calorie applesauce with cinnamon

lunch: healthy pancakes with honey and strawberries

dinner: Tandoori Chicken with mozzarella/tomato salad

in-between-snacks: 1 laughing cow cheese/wedges and fruits

I forgot to check my weight today... I'll check tomorrow!


I admit that I go hungry around bedtime... how to cure that ...

4 November 2008

Day something

I had to find a new place... since my last diary got spammed.. TT__TT

anyways, my day plan:

breakfast: Oatmeal with low-calorie applesauce with cinnamon(very YUMMY!) around 125 calories alltogether

First time I had home-made oatmeal...

Lunch: not planned

dinner: mexican chili lasagna LINK
(probably a lot of calories... but I have chili con carne from yesterday that I need to waste, but as long as I only have one portion I will be fine!)

in-between-snacks: fruit and rosehip soup