9 November 2009


3 October 2009

Dear Agz

even if its rains, snows or even the end of the world (...) ...

still take a 30min walk every single day.

21 September 2009


I know I haven't been updating here like...for months. My road to losing some weight keeps failing... no matter how good I eat or if I moved...  what I am doing wrong??

I might find out some answers tomorrow~

Week ago my doctor told me I won't be able to lose more than 10kg... which is fine. I know I never will be able to reach 55kg and be thin. I'm aiming more to be healthy and happy.

I might as well confess something... I did weight 68kg once, I was there 2 years ago... but things come in your way and.. I wish I was stronger when problems did come. I can reach it again since I was there once and it's not far away. I must obtain it again!

Soon big changes will come ...I just hope this time it will be taken more seriously

I'm still proud  that I have lost 20kgs, but another 10 would be more awesome :)

19 March 2009

the chubby girl is swimming~! +V+!

9 March 2009

No, I haven't given up! The chubby girl is still fighting!
It's going great, I haven't lost much for a while but most importantly I'm not gaining weight.
I started to notice some changes too! My shirts are bit too big now... and those are shirts I bought beginning of january... I'll have to say good bye to those soon*laughs*

1 February 2009


I avocado...

just wish they weren't so expensive ...

30 January 2009

Everything is going fine!<3 Just to let you know all!
I have lost 6.61 Ibs/3 kg since I started my journey<3